How to Get in Touch with Instagram?

How to Get in Touch with Instagram Support and Receive Assistance with Account-Related Issues?

Instagram has a wide range of users around the globe, with more than one billion users a month and more than 400 million a day. They are the active users count. Thus, Instagram has a wide number of users, and the more users there are, the more problems are likely to be reported. 

It is very likely for an Instagram user to get into a glitch or any trivial or big problem related to the account or the content they see. The question is, how can one contact Instagram? 

Contacting Instagram to have Customer Service is not easy as we all know that the Meta-owned app is free social media. When something is free, you and your activities are the product.

It is also very hard for Instagram to handle such a big rollout of complaints and problems to solve. Therefore, most of the problems that people report do not get a response. Not getting a response might disappoint many users, but that’s how it works. 

Instagram is also compelled to adopt this policy as there are one billion users on Instagram, and it is very likely to get at least hundreds of thousands of complaints a day even if ten out of one thousand users complain. 

It is practically not easy to give individual consultations or provide information. Therefore, Instagram has adopted the policy of not getting into this mess. 

It does not mean one cannot contact Instagram for any support. Instagram does provide support through community guidelines and policies. One can go to the Help Center and read it. 

Here is how you can contact Instagram and receive assistance:

Instagram Help Center:

One can go to the help centre and look out if the problem is mentioned there directly or indirectly in FAQs. 

Instagram has also given its contact number and email to report any problem. The contact number is 650-543-4800, an automated phone number that responds through automation. The email ID is also automated, and it is less likely to get a real-time response. 

Here is a quick guide on how you can get to the Instagram Help centre:

You can head to Instagram support via an online website or the app. 

Seeking Assistance through Instagram Mobile App:

If you are using a mobile app, follow these steps:

ONE: First, open the app on your phone. The home screen will appear first. 

TWO: Then, tap on your profile picture at the screen’s bottom right corner. It will open your profile on your screen with your Instagram username at the top and your content etc. 

THREE: Now, tap on the three stack bars that you can see on the top right corner of your screen. On tapping these three bars, a menu will pop up with the ‘settings’ icon at the top.

FOUR: Go to the seventh option, i.e. ‘help’. 

It will open another menu screen with four options. 

Here you need to look out in what category your problem lies. 

Four options go like this:

Report a Problem:

You can click on this to report a problem related to bugs and glitches, app crashing, report spam or send feedback.

Help Center:

The help centre has limited options. It gives you live information on COVID-19 information centres on Instagram, digital collectables, checking account status, and Instagram shopping. 

You can tap on any of the titles to read further. These articles are not automated and are written by humans. They assist with any issue categorically. 

Privacy and Security Help:

It opens a list of options. It helps you manage your account, customize your experience, and report content. One can easily go to them and customize their profile accordingly. 

Support Requests:

This opens two options. It gives you reviews of your submitted reports. Well, these are not detailed reports or responses. These are just automated responses from Instagram support. 

Instagram support does not provide details and information if the action has been taken on the reported violation or not. 

Reporting Hate Speech or Violation Directly:

You can directly report hate speech or violations by tapping on three dots at the right corner of the post. By tapping, it will open a menu from where you can choose to report. 

There will be a menu for specific reporting in which you can specify why you reported this account. 

Instagram does not recognize random reporting, while it considers the reporting of the activities that are against its community guidelines. It includes copyright infringement, i.e. of designs or themes, pictures and videos, trademarks, logos, symbols, and company slogans, 

Nudity, graphic violence, activities that can result in injury or disaster, environmental pollution or other illegal activities can also be reported.  

Issues Specific to the Account:

Businesses rely heavily on Instagram and do a lot to earn followers and customers through this platform. A lot of them buy social followers to increase their visibility, presence and reach. Having a massive followers base to your account can be a need for better tools to cater to the account activities. 

One can report account-specific issues, i.e. bugs and glitches in the app. To report the problem, open the Instagram app and shake your phone. A menu will pop up asking you if you want to report a problem. You can report the problem by sharing required files, i.e. screenshots.

Other account-related issues can be reported by following the step-by-step guideline shared above. 

How Assistance is Received: 

If you have a private account, it is very unlikely to get a response. Reporting any content or complaining about any glitches might get the problem resolved. 

In the case of an influencer’s account that adds much value to Instagram by bringing tens and hundreds of thousands of followers, the problem might get attention and response through an email or notification. 

Final Thoughts:

It is difficult to get your problem reported and receive timely responses from Instagram support. Hence, some ways mentioned above can be used to report a problem related to your account or the content you deem inappropriate. 

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